HIYAKU Next Enterprise

Internationally expand Japanese business to solve global issues


“HIYAKU Next Enterprise” program is a part of “Silicon Valley-Japan Bridge Project”, sublet by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This program targets SMEs from all over Japan with cutting-edge technologies and excellent ideas, and provides them with necessary human networks and knowledge required for global expansion.

Through this “HIYAKU Next Enterprise” program*, the participants will learn systems of venture companies’ environment and how to apply those to their ecosystems. The knowledge and networks established with overseas businesses will help Japanese companies broaden their businesses internationally.

* “Silicon Valley-Japan Bridge Project” was announced by Prime minister Abe on April 30, 2015 during his visit to Silicon Valley. This project is intended to bridge Japanese start-up ecosystem, start-ups and entrepreneurs to those in Silicon Valley. Through these programs, METI aims to continuously create innovations that are globally influential.