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Course Concepts
Earn the information necessary for overseas expansion and learn from companies and players who should be benchmarked in the area of interest
Course Overview
India is gaining attention from companies around the world with huge market potential and abundant advanced human resources such as IT engineers. The aim of this course is, by visiting Bengaluru which has the most developed start-up ecosystem among India, to understand market diversity, social issues such as SDGs, government measures, etc. In addition, Bengaluru course provides the opportunity to learn the global business development strategy from local start-ups, major Indian IT services giants, and even the leading European and American companies that are accelerating open innovation in India. Furthermore, this course will set up networking and individual business talks, such as pitch events, for startups aiming for concrete business development in India.

<Mandatory Program>
(Day 1)
・ Explanation of startup ecosystem overview by local accelerator
・Visit the city market to understand the diversity of the Indian market (Electric Town, Old Market, Luxury Shopping Mall, etc.)
・Training of pitch session for Indian Companies

(Day 2-3)
Visit to a company or related organizations ※Candidate listed below
・Visit Indian leading startup (eg Mu sigma)
・Visit to a major Indian IT service company (eg Wipro)
・Visit of Indian R & D base of a leading global company (eg BOSCH, Microsoft)
・Visit NSRCEL: Internal Acceleration Facility of IIMB (Indian Business Administration Graduate School Bengaluru)
・Visit Startup Warehouse: Internal Acceleration facility of NASCCOM (Indian software association)

(Day 4)
・Pitch Event & Networking Event
・Wrap up session etc

<Optional Program>

Based on the business model and needs of each company, support as much as possible settings of individual matching with local companies/ VCs etc. to build a foothold for overseas expansion.

※ Please note the contents of the above program may be changed without notice in advance.

Schedule for the visit
February 4, 2019 (Mon) – February 7, 2019 (Thu)
Number of the companies
Approximately 8
Target Participants of the Course
・companies aiming to develop marketing channels in India, business collaboration with major India IT companies
・companies interested in recruiting highly advanced Indian talents.

<Recommended Industries>
IoT, AI, SDGs, Healthcare, Life Science, etc.