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2016 Participants

Silicon Valley course
  • Adinte Co., Ltd.
    Adinte Co., Ltd.
    Adinte Co., Ltd. mainly conducts advertisement distribution business using language and behavior analysis technologies. We also develop and sell "AIBeacon", a patented device which combines ibeacon functionality to a Wi-Fi sensor. We integrate online and offline behavior analysis with AI to understand consumer needs and use this knowledge to provide the most approriate content to the consumer.
    AI SILK CORP. develops highly electro-conductive fibers (flexible-silk electrode) and textiles for wearable devices. Compared to other rival products, our product is less sensitive to sweat and movement and causes less irritation on the skin. Our product can be applied to sports, healthcare and numerous other areas.
  • Blue Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Blue Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Blue Innovation Co., Ltd. operates mainly in the fields of software development and drone consulting. Our clients include the government, corporations and drone pilots. Our main products are SORAPASS (a map service for drones), Indoor Flight (autonomous flight system for GPS degraded areas) and Multi Flight (fully automatic multi-flight remote control platform).
  • BoCo Inc.
    BoCo Inc.
    BoCo Inc. is a manufacturer of bone conduction devices. Based on our philosophy "Your happiness is our business", we aim to expand our products all over the world and contribute to customers by delivering happiness in their daily lives through the experience of "Japanese quality" with the most state-of-art bone conduction technology.
  • Coaido Inc.
    Coaido Inc.
    Coaido Inc. provides a real-time emergency help call-out system. We develop applications that keep track of carrier emergency status and call out for help in case of cardiopulmonary arrest or an accident. We want to create a society that provides prompt support in the case of an emergency. In addition, our system will expand to wearable IoT devices and drones.
  • CrowdWorks Inc.
    CrowdWorks Inc.
    CrowdWorks Inc. is developing the largest crowd sourcing service in Japan for booking and requesting temporary job deals. As of November 2016, we have over one million registered users and over 140,000 clients including listed companies. We aim to realize our vision "work style revolution" by providing work opportunities for retired persons and housekeepers.
  • CureApp, Inc.
    CureApp, Inc.
    CureApp, Inc. is a medical technology startup founded in 2014 by two physicians who wanted to disrupt traditional clinical practice through mHealth. We have developed two SaMDs (Software as Medical Devices) for disease treatment which are currently under clinical trials to receive international regulatory approval for global markets.
  • GRID, Inc.
    GRID, Inc.
    GRID, Inc. is a company developing an in-house machine learning/deep learning framework “ReNom”. Our concept involves mixing algorithms to solve various types of business issues. GRID's missions are to make AI more commonplace and to advance AI technology development. We want to take part in solving real social issues by making the most of the knowledge that we have acquired from our diverse range of clients.
  • IWAMA Co., Ltd.
    IWAMA Co., Ltd.
    IWAMA Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of compact high-precision cutting machines for design verification, prototyping and medical products. With our own algorithms and control devices, we have made it possible to develop products that were not possible to develop before. From now on we also intend to apply artificial intelligence to our product.
  • Keychain GK
    Keychain GK
    Keychain GK is a Japanese blockchain development company. Our concept is to easily integrate blockchain technology into an existing IT infrastructure.
  • LE SYSTEM CO., Ltd.
    LE SYSTEM CO., Ltd.
    LE SYSTEM Co., Ltd. is a start-up from Fukuoka focusing on the R&D of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB). One of the large issues with wind and solar energy lies in the need to store and release produced energy. VRFB technology allows electrical energy to be stored and subsequently returned via a perfectly reversible electrochemical reaction.
  • Life is Tech, Inc.
    Life is Tech, Inc.
    Life is Tech, Inc. provides coding camps and after-school classes for more than 20,000 middle & high school students in Japan and organizes camps in Singapore and Australia. We nurture “logical thinking” and “creativity” of teenagers through our education. We aim to solve regional and economic gaps in coding education with our SNS solution called "MOZER".
  • MOLCURE Inc.
    MOLCURE Inc.
    MOLCURE Inc. provides an antibody drug discovery service called "Abtracer" to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Abtracer utilizes evolutionary molecular engineering, big-data collection and artificial intelligence. Abtracer is capable of developing superior antibody drug candidates that could never be developed by conventional methods.
  • seven dreamers laboratories, Inc.
    seven dreamers laboratories, Inc.
    Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc. is a company where a group of technologists create and develop things that the world has never seen. We created "laundroid", a fully automatic laundry folding robot, as well as "nastent", a device to reduce snoring in sleep apnea. Moreover, we develop carbon golf shafts which are fully made-to-order with high quality and design.
  • Tamecco K.K.
    Tamecco K.K.
    Tamecco K.K. is an IoT startup seeking to bring brick-and-mortar retailers into the online world using consumers’ smartphone. Using our proprietary wireless signal technology, we detect smartphone users’ entry and physical movements inside a retail store real-time, generating precious insights into what they like and what they care, and enabling personalized CRM, payment authentication and even automated flash marketing.
  • tiem factory, Inc.
    tiem factory, Inc.
    Tiem Factory, Inc. is a start-up born from Kyoto University, producing the world's first transparent heat insulator aerogel "sufa". It is the lightest, most transparent and most heat-resistant aerogel in the world. Up until today aerogels in the markets have been very expensive, but we have been able to invent an insulator with manufacturing costs only 1/60 of those of market rivals.
  • Uhuru Corporation
    Uhuru Corporation
    Uhuru Corporation provides one-stop services in cloud, digital marketing and IoT domain to solve clients' issues. We have successfully introduced more than 3,000 cloud systems as well as IT and IoT systems. We encourage our clients to build new IoT solutions together with our professional consulting services and our IoT platform "enebular".
New York course
  • BASE, Inc.
    BASE, Inc.
    BASE, Inc. develops and operates a free e-commerce platform called "BASE", a payment service for merchants called "PAY.JP", and an online wallet service called "PAY ID". All of them focus on the company's mission: to provide people with simple, convenient and efficient ways to exchange value for anything, anywhere in the world.
  • Blincam, Inc.
    Blincam, Inc.
    Blincam, Inc. develops a wearable camera attachable to any pair of eyeglasses that takes a photo when the wearer winks or blinks eyes strongly. The camera lets you capture the moment instantly without the need to use hands. Let's not sacrifice any more time for taking photos. If you use BLINCAM to take photos, you can enjoy your moments more.
  • Finatext, Ltd.
    Finatext, Ltd.
    Finatext, Ltd. continues to exhibit skills in creating financial learning platforms with a friendly UI/UX. Our stock forecasting communal game “Asukabu” and FX trading simulator “KaruFX” continue to be the number one applications among financial mobile apps in Japan. Finatext continues to expand activities globally, opening branches in Taiwan, Malaysia and London.
  • HAW International Inc.
    HAW International Inc.
    HAW International Inc. provides IT solutions and services via innovative and high-quality software technologies. We are known as one of the major developers of blockchain technologies in Japan. In order to promote the use of blockchain, we plan to release various products such as "chaintope".
  • HEROZ, Inc.
    HEROZ, Inc.
    HEROZ, Inc. possesses unique in-house artificial intelligence technology that has defeated professional shogi (Japanese chess) players in public matches. HEROZ has developed these AI technologies in machine learning and deep learning with its top engineers and the company is expanding its cutting edge technology into various new fields such as finance.
  • iRidge, Ltd.
    iRidge, Ltd.
    iRidge, Ltd. is pursuing online-to-offline solutions. One of our products is “popinfo”, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to push information to smart device users. The product uses GPS, Wi-Fi and beacon technologies to detect user location and send push notifications to users who are near specified shops.
  • JEPLAN, Inc.
    JEPLAN, Inc.
    JEPLAN, Inc. uses recycled material to manufacture new products and distribute them. We conduct business ranging from the collection of used products and recycling them into new products all the way to branding, marketing and supply chain provision in co-operation with our partners.
  • kay me Ltd
    kay me Ltd
    Kay me Ltd. is an apparel brand for busy women. Founded in 2011 by a marketing consultant unable to find apparel that matched her lifestyle, kay me has grown to five retail shops and an online store delivering globally. Kay me is the winner of the British Chamber of Commerce Award 2015 as well as the DBJ women entrepreneur first prize in 2016.
  • Knot, Inc.
    Knot, Inc.
    Knot, Inc. is a wristwatch brand who plans to knot Japan with all over the world with Japanese quality as our concept. With a theme of bringing Japanese manufacturing quality to the world again and revitalizing the concept of "made in Japan", we offer a custom order service for Japanese wristwatches around the world.
    LIFESTYLE ACCENT INC. develops "Factelier", a factory-to-consumer fashion brand made in Japan. We have visited over 500 apparel factories nationwide directly and made ties with factories who possess world-class technology and craftsmanship. We aim to establish a brand where craftmen's technology and commitment is visible. Domestic production ratio has decreased to less than 3% in recent years, and we aim to connect fashion factories to consumers at a reasonable price.
  • Minna-Denryoku, Inc.
    Minna-Denryoku, Inc.
    Minna-Denryoku, Inc. is a start-up company offering new types of power supply. Now anyone can generate electricity by the easy use of renewable energy. We work as the "social energy company" and develop a P2P energy platform, an intermediary between generators and consumers of electricity. We create new value and services by consumers to each other in the field of electricity.
  • QUOINE Corporation
    QUOINE Corporation
    QUOINE Corporation operates "QUOINE EXCHANGE", the world's most advanced virtual currency exchange platform utilizing blockchain technology and capturing the largest transaction volume in Asia. We also administer security compliant borderless virtual currency exchange services with global financial institutions.
  • Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
    Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
    Soramitsu Co., Ltd. developed an open source distributed ledger platform "Iroha" and submitted it to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. Iroha was accepted into the incubation program and it is the third accepted distributed ledger project along with projects created by IBM and Intel. Soramitsu's main task is to utilize Iroha to produce a platform for managing digital identities.
  • ZAISAN Net, Inc.
    ZAISAN Net, Inc.
    ZAISAN Net, Inc., a financial technology startup, runs Stock Forecast Media from Wall Street in Japan. "Kabutoyohou" offers investment information for day traders based on time lag between when information is released and when a stock price stabilizes. We have 10-20% penetration among active traders in Japan, and are looking for partners worldwide.
  • ZUU Co., Ltd.
    ZUU Co., Ltd.
    ZUU, Co. Ltd. is a FinTech company with 3 million monthly users. The company operates an online finance portal "ZUU online" and an award-winning investment decision tool "ZUU Signals". The firm was selected as the receiver of an innovative technology start-up award, Red Herring Global Top 100 Winners.
Austin course
  • BONX Inc.
    BONX Inc.
    BONX Inc. is a wearable transmitter start-up founded by Takahiro Miyasaka, an entrepreneur and a passionate snowboarder. With our bluetooth earphone and chat application, snowboarders can enjoy communicating whilst snowboarding. We succeeded in one of the biggest ever crowdfunding campaigns in Japan and are now ready to bring "BONX Grip" to the rest of the world.
  • Borderless Incorporated
    Borderless Incorporated
    Borderless Inc. focuses on design and technology in riding bikes and mountables. We are now developing our own smart helmet called "CrossHelmet". Our technology gives riders a 360 degree view of the road as well as noise control, making riding safer.
  • Cuelebre Inc.
    Cuelebre Inc.
    Cuelebre Inc. develops FairyBand, a device that displays a fairy on anyone’s shoulder to realize our dream of "everyday life with fairies". FairyBand is equipped with a fairy called "Xana". "Xana" is a deciption of the fairy Xana which comes from Spanish myths. According to the myths, Xana was a human being, but she was reincarnated into a fairy by the power of dragon Cuelebre which we chose as our company name.
  • Eyes, JAPAN co. ltd.,
    Eyes, JAPAN co. ltd.,
    Eyes, JAPAN Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, was the first IT startup from the University of Aizu, Fukushima. In the past 21 years, we have been working on various cutting edge projects in the fields of CG, VR and security. One of our projects, the “FUKUSHIMA Wheel”, was launched after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
  • GOCCO. Inc.
    GOCCO. Inc.
    GOCCO. Inc. is a media design company that develops websites, applications and hardware interface devices. The company is also involved in event organization. Our proprietary conductive ink technology, "PIT system", is highly valued for its industry potential. It provides the printing industry with market expansion possibilities. won the Cannes Media Lion 2014 prize.
  • HoloEyes Inc.
    HoloEyes Inc.
    HoloEyes Inc. provides "Holoeyes VR", a service for CT imaging-based 3D VR. The device helps medical staff to understand and learn information presented at surgical conferences more accurately. We also contribute to medical training and education by our 3D VR library.
  • Live2D Inc.
    Live2D Inc.
    Live2D Inc. develops Live2D, a software tool and a middleware empowering creators to animate static 2D illustrations while staying loyal to the original 2D art. The animation can be rendered in real-time for interactive applications.
  • Nain Inc.
    Nain Inc.
    Nain Inc. develops "Hearable APlay" which allows hands-free message exchange. Nain Inc. will create new ways of interaction without forcing the user to use smartphone screen. APlay, together with IoT and wearable technologies, allows people to connect more with others as well as gain more information. Nain Inc. hopes that this will lead to a safer and a more comfortable society.
  • nanolux Co. Ltd
    nanolux Co. Ltd
    Nanolux Co., Ltd. develops color imaging technologies for night applications. Whereas conventional night-vision cameras provide only monochromatic images, our new imaging technology enables us to capture color images through infrared rays, which gives a great deal of visual information. The color night-vision camera contributes greatly to safety and security by its high performance and enriched monitor visibility.
  • QD Laser, Inc.
    QD Laser, Inc.
    QD Laser, Inc. has commercialized a variety of semiconductor lasers based on in-house quantum dot technology. As a specialist of laser and optics, we have developed Retinal Projection Laser Eyewear. The product has a miniature projector inside its frame to draw images directly onto the retina. It can be used for visual aid for people with bad eyesight as well as for augmented reality and smart glasses applications.
  • Toneconnect Corp.
    Toneconnect Corp.
    Toneconnect Corp develops "Toneconnect", a technology for sending information to smartphones/tablets using DTMF tones. These tones are conventionally heard on telephone dial pads. Using this technology, we can send URLs via radio or TV and those URLs let the audience visit e-commerce sites and get disaster information. In 2017, we will release the "Hint" radio for improved signaling using bluetooth low energy technology.
Singapore course
  • ABEJA Inc.
    ABEJA Inc.
    ABEJA Inc. promotes the efficiency and automation of industries by utilizing deep learning for big data analysis. ABEJA has been collaborating with researchers from top universities and the company develops its own deep learning algorithms. Our business targets retail distribution and manufacturing.
  • aeru company
    aeru company
    Aeru company was established by Rika Yajima to pass down Japanese traditions to the next generation. “Aeru - the traditional Japanese brand” creates original consumer products with artisans from all over Japan with the aim of nurturing an environment and a lifestyle where children can come into touch with traditional craftsmanship ever since young age.
  • Enowa Co., Ltd.
    Enowa Co., Ltd.
    Enowa Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 to transform agriculture with the power of new technology. ENOWA develops “Paditch”, a smart water gate for rice paddies. Paditch combines IT, IoT and artifical intelligence to open, close and monitor water gates automatically and remotely. It attempts to realize the concept of “smart-paddies” which produce high quality rice with minimum water consumption.
  • Farmship, Inc.
    Farmship, Inc.
    Farmship, Inc. develops cutting-edge plant factory technologies and the company has deployed many of the world's largest artificial-light plant factories. In addition, we utilize information technology in both the production and distribution of vegetables. Currently we also promote investments in special plant cultivation technologies as well as ingredient production for healthcare food products.
  • Japan Innovative Therapeutics, Inc.
    Japan Innovative Therapeutics, Inc.
    Japan Innovative Therapeutics, Inc. aims to be a central player in open innovation drug discovery, continuously generating innovative pharmaceutical products based on mainly Japanese research findings. We will achieve our goal by collaborating with universities, start-up companies, venture capital firms and pharmaceutical firms.
  • LPixel Inc.
    LPixel Inc.
    LPixel Inc. is a start-up focusing on image analysis in life sciences such as medical, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. LPixel is currently working together with National Cancer Center Japan and other medical institutions to revolutionize research in life sciences and to develop technology for AI-based medical diagnosis software.
  • Medley, Inc.
    Medley, Inc.
    Medley, Inc. is a medical IT start-up aiming to solve medical and healthcare issues. We provide accurate medical information, solutions in telemedicine and services to overcome labor shortage which satisfy not only the patients but also their family and medical workers.
  • MedPeer, Inc.
    MedPeer, Inc.
    MedPeer, Inc. runs a doctor-owned community site called "MedPeer" where doctors share clinical experience and practices. More than 100,000 doctors (one third of Japanese doctors) participate in the community and share collective knowledge about medicines and diseases. "Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients."
  • Moff Inc.
    Moff Inc.
    Moff Inc. is an IoT education / wellness start-up which develops "Moff Band", a physical / cognitive ability assessment wearable device analyzing 3D-based movement and processing the results. A new healthcare service will be launched soon.
  • Money Forward, Inc.
    Money Forward, Inc.
    Money Forward, Inc. provides finance visualization services. For individuals we deliver an automatic household bookkeeping service used by 4 million people. For small enterprises we deliver cloud ERP solutions utilized by 500,000 businesses. We have partnered with major financial institutions both as our investors and clients. We also have a nationwide network of accountants promoting our solutions to local SMEs.
  • ReasonWhy, Inc.
    ReasonWhy, Inc.
    The vision of ReasonWhy, Inc. is to extend the lifetime of everyone in the world by one second, bringing together patients and specialist doctors on the same platform by combining healthcare and information technology. Our in-house IT platform connects patients to the right specialists and saves the pain of not finding a proper doctor for the need at hand.
  • Xenoma Inc.
    Xenoma Inc.
    Xenoma Inc. is a spin-out from the University of Tokyo in 2015, specializing in producing stretchable sensors and electronics for e-skin - a smart apparel to monitor the user’s motion remotely without the use of cameras. Xenoma is currently preparing e-skin into a product that can be applied in healthcare, fitness and VR gaming.