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2017 Participants

Silicon Valley
  • AeroEdge Co., Ltd.
    AeroEdge Co., Ltd.
    AeroEdge was selected by Snecma as a partner to manufacture LEAP engine TiAl low-pressure turbine blades, and the company is currently preparing to ramp-up production and enhance operational efficiency. AeroEdge will expand its business globally with unique technological capability and competitiveness with an aim to contribute to the society.
  • Challenge Co., Ltd.
    Challenge Co., Ltd.
    Challenge Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of disaster prevention system as well as security systems. We manufacture Earthquake Sensor-Alarm System "EQ guard". When an earthquake occurs, Sensor within EQ guard detects the initial tremor, and issue alarm immediately. So, people can evacuate before big shaking arrives. It can also be used as a shutdown system at chemical plants, nuclear facilities etc. We will contribute to the world through advanced technology in Japan.
  • Cross Bridge, Ltd.
    Cross Bridge, Ltd.
    Cross Bridge Ltd. provides a foreign currency trading platform. The platform is used by brokers in a variety of countries around the world. The company creates new digital assets and global settlement technologies adopting blockchain, lower transaction fees and immediate settlement and transfer completion.
  • Crystal Optics, Inc.
    Crystal Optics, Inc.
    Crystal Optics Inc. provides high-quality components for semiconductors, display and aerospace objects based on ultraprecision machining technology. The company defines its goal as contributing to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind while reaching for new highly functional microstructure mass-production technology and transfer into biophotonics.
  • Eyes, JAPAN Co., Ltd.
    Eyes, JAPAN Co., Ltd.
    Eyes, JAPAN is the first IT startup founded in 1995 from the University of Aizu, the first computer science-oriented university in Japan. The company has worked on cutting edge projects for more than 22 years. After the tragic Fukushima disaster, the company has been working on FUKUSHIMA Wheel, a bike sharing platform for smart cities and sharing economies.
  • Holoeyes, Inc.
    Holoeyes, Inc.
    Holoeyes Inc provides a VR-based communication service called Holoeyes VR to doctors and hospitals. The service allows doctors to understand intuitive and accurate surgical procedures and drives forward digital transformation in the medical field by providing a library of study cases and surgical procedures using VR and 3D.
  • Inotech Co., Ltd.
    Inotech Co., Ltd.
    Inotech Co., Ltd. achieves development by the total until a design of hardware and selection of an optical instrument focusing on image processing technique. It's a second-class medical equipment manufacturing and sales trade permission acquisition company by a few software element in the country. A new enterprise of regenerative medicine cell quality control system is begun.
  • Kokopelli Inc.
    Kokopelli Inc.
    金融機関向けにAIを活用した与信モデル「SHARES FAI」や、中小企業と銀行をつなぐプラットフォーム「SHARES for BANK」などを展開しています。
  • Momo, Ltd.
    Momo, Ltd.
    Momo., Ltd. develops a service usable by anybody to develop new IoT devices without coding required. In addition, the finished product can be purchased or sold among users of the service. Different IoT solutions can be combined depending on the user's idea. The company offers all kinds of IoT solutions by removing technical barriers. Patent pending.
  • Nextremer Co., Ltd.
    Nextremer Co., Ltd.
    Nextremer provides Conversational Interfaces as a Service for cars and other hardware. The company offers an artificial intelligence-based dialogue system that enables driver-vehicle interaction using natural language requests based on context awareness as opposed to keyword recognition, dramatically improving user experience quality.
  • Psychic VR Lab
    Psychic VR Lab
    Psychic VR Lab develops STYLY, a VR platform where creators can design content for free and import it from tools such a Maya, Blender, YouTube or Instagram. The platform provides quality designs and beautiful VR spaces without any coding required. The service is cloud-based, allowing work sharing to multiple devices such as Vive, Daydream, Gear or Oculus.
  • Radrix Co., Ltd.
    Radrix Co., Ltd.
    Radrix Co., Ltd. is a university spin-off start-up from Kyushu Institute of Technology. The company designs and develops digital wireless communication systems including wireless LAN. The company aims to commercialize in-door positioning systems and the industrial wireless LAN system via applications utilizing wireless communication mechanisms.
  • Space Co., Ltd.
    Space Co., Ltd.
    Space Co,. Ltd. is a global company operating in the education and agriculture space. The company provides education in its focus areas of satellites, robotics and drones via schools and camps. The company also develops software for farmers using remote sensing data obtained from satellites and drones, and co-operates with Hyogo prefecture in agriculture.
  • Techno Labo Co., Ltd.
    Techno Labo Co., Ltd.
    Techno Labo designs and builds electrical hardware with optimal applicability for the user. The company delivers practical design by creating simple and applicable shapes, revealing hardware functionality without need for explanation. Technolab offers a simplified system that reduces cost by providing reimbursement of initial costs even for low-volume orders.
  • Thirty Four Co., Ltd.
    Thirty Four Co., Ltd.
    Thirty Four Co., Ltd. provides UrDoc, a medical consultation app for iPhone/Android developed by doctors to connect foreigners with healthcare professionals in Japan. Users can talk to doctors in familiar languages across country borders. UrDoc aims to globalize healthcare business regardless of skin color, spoken language or country of origin.
  • Trillium Incorporated
    Trillium Incorporated
    Trillium Incorporated is the world's only multilayered cyber security software development company for connected cars. The company develops lightweight, high-performance IoT security software and a key management system for resource-constrained and time-restricted environments (automotive CAN, RFID, sensors, etc.) to protect cars from cyber attacks.
  • Wefabrik, Inc.
    Wefabrik, Inc.
    Wefabrik manages a B2B flea market platform called SMASELL that connects corporations who want to trade leftover inventory. This global platform matches countries and brands to create a waste-free industry and maintains the value of brands by reselling them.
  • Yukashikado, Inc.
    Yukashikado, Inc.
    Yukashikado, Inc. defines its vision as "Both at home and overseas, we will do our best to create equal environment and opportunity, and create the world where the people who have the ability to make an effort would get stronger." To realize this, the company develops world-first quantitative nutrition analysis tool VitaNote, and distributes nutritional food.
  • Zpeer, Inc.
    Zpeer, Inc.
    Zpeer develops and operates Vetpeer, a veterinarian community. Vetpeer family includes a website for companion animal (CA) vets, which is used by 60% of CA vets in Japan, and websites for cattle & swine vets. These services were started in 2017/10. Utilizing Vetpeer, Zpeer provides online marketing services to most pharmaceutical and food manufacturers.
  • Aqua System Co., Ltd.
    Aqua System Co., Ltd.
    Aqua System Co., Ltd. develops a portable microscope called "mil-kin", utilizing smartphones. With mil-kin, bacteria and dirt can be visualized easily. Mil-kin can be used with the HACCP approach and hygiene tools. The company aims to decrease the number and risk of food poisonings by supporting hygiene education and management in Asian countries.
  • At Co., Ltd.
    At Co., Ltd.
    Blood capillary is a new indicator of human health and provides effective visualization of healthcare products and treatment. At Co., Ltd. has the only team in the world capable of quantitatively evaluating capillary. The product is used for the inspection or visualization of effects of products on human. As a non-invasive product, licenses are not required.
  • Caulis, Inc.
    Caulis, Inc.
    Caulis Inc. is a cybersecurity startup which aims to build a cyber intelligence infrastructure to support ICT in the society. The company has been securing the internet for everyone via a new approach for cybersecurity solutions.
  • Kyash, Inc.
    Kyash, Inc.
    Kyash Inc. offers a P2P payment app. The company also develops a proprietary money transfer system which bypasses conventional bank ACH systems, and a processing system which works at Visa merchants around the world. Supported by the largest Japanese VCs and banks, the company was founded by an ex-banker who is a board member of FinTech Association Japan.
  • Linkwiz Incorporated
    Linkwiz Incorporated
    Linkwiz Incorporated develops a smart robotics system for industrial robots. Robots will share information between each other and optimize themselves for overall manufacturing. The company aims to contribute to next-generation manufacturing globally.
  • Phase One Japan Co., Ltd.
    Phase One Japan Co., Ltd.
    Phase One Japan manufactures medium-size camera lenses and camera bodies under the brands Phase One and Schneider Kreuznach. The company's expertise is in engineering and manufacturing of commercial lenses including mounting aspherical and spherical lenses. All products pass strict precision helicoid and centering precision inspection.
  • QD Laser, Inc.
    QD Laser, Inc.
    QD Laser, Inc. has commercialized a variety of semiconductor lasers based on quantum dot technology. The company has developed Retinal Projection Laser Eyewear. The eyewear has a miniature projector inside the frame to draw images directly onto retina. The eyewear can be used as a visual aid for people with low vision, for AR or for smart glass applications.
  • Sen Corporation
    Sen Corporation
    Sen Corporation is the industry leader in children photo services in Japan. The company has developed "Hi Cheese!", a service which has advanced features such as facial recognition and high-speed display listing. The company aims to contribute to improve the usability of web services by making tie-ups with overseas companies.
  • AI SILK Corpration
    AI SILK Corpration
    AI SILK CORP. develops highly electro-conductive fibers (flexible-silk electrode) and textiles for wearable devices. Compared to other rival products, our product is less sensitive to sweat and movement and causes less irritation on the skin. Our product can be applied to sports, healthcare and numerous other areas.
  • DENDAMA Inc.
    DENDAMA Inc.
    DENDAMA Inc. is startup company which has produced smart Kendama " Dendama". It is possible to play with anyone through the internet crossing borders and generations. We will change general toy concept by combining any toys and virtual world like games, AR, VR through the internet. Dendama world championship will take place next year. Look forward to it.
  • George and Shaun, LLC.
    George and Shaun, LLC.
    George and Shaun, LLC. provides an advanced watching-over service "biblle" with wireless communication and AI technology as the core. With analyzing the data of 400 thousand per days from biblle application network, we are expanding services for senior citizens & child lost searches and local tourism information distribution with global local partners.
  • Miletos Inc.
    Miletos Inc.
    Miletos Inc. is developing team engagement tool for called "Groovin" which offers full-time video chat and flexible room function enables remote workers feel close each other and communicate freely just like in an office. We are focusing on to realize exciting and fun work environment even working from distant while not giving up team productivity.
  • Vanguard Industries Inc.
    Vanguard Industries Inc.
    Vanguard Industries Inc. is a hardware startup that accelerate innovation by collaborating with leading international businesses across various industries. Our company utilizes intellectual property in planning and developing products for consumer. We contribute to improving our society through our manufacturing with crowdfunding, marketing and concept validation.
  • Worldscape Co.Ltd.
    Worldscape Co.Ltd.
    Worldscape Co.Ltd. aims to create a world where competent artists can be valued fairly and economically and to revitalize music industry by IT. We develops, , and so on, services to support musician’s activities.
  • Yume Cloud Inc.
    Yume Cloud Inc.
    Yume Cloud Inc., a startup specializing in sensor technology and Entertainment IoT, will demonstrate an Entertainment solution called “GLOW”. “GLOW” uses advanced sensors to detect physical motion and sound, that interpret sensing data, to create original and playful audio and visual effect.
  • 16Lab Inc.
    16Lab Inc.
    16Lab Inc. is an award-wining developer of IoT/Wearable module wchich is substantially half the size off Intel's. We estimate ours is at least 2-3 times more power efficient compared to their’s. By using our platform, developers won't need to design their own custom-made circuit by themselves. Embedded software skill is not necessary, too.
  • BizteX,Inc
    BizteX,Inc provides "BizteX cobit" that realizes a shift from routine work to a highly value-added and creative work with a cloud-type RPA. "BizteX cobit" has the much easier UI to create a new work style with technology. We support human productivity and improvement of creativity.
  • Nain Inc.
    Nain Inc.
    Nain Inc. develops "Hearable APlay" which allows hands-free message exchange. Nain Inc. will create new ways of interaction without forcing the user to use smartphone screen. APlay, together with IoT and wearable technologies, allows people to connect more with others as well as gain more information. Nain Inc. hopes that this will lead to a safer and a more comfortable society.
  • Nobollel inc.
    Nobollel inc.
    Nobollel inc. is an mobile game company which develops and operates mobile games using IP and famous artists in Japan and overseas. Currently we are deploying mainly IP from other companies. In the future we will continue to develop and deploy IP internally.
  • Pubcen, Inc.
    Pubcen, Inc.
    Pubcen, Inc. provides a life log service, which automatically curates all your invaluable digital content (articles posted on SNS, photos or event schedules saved on cloud services, etc.) in one place for instant and easy organization. We believe contents you create everyday are proof of your living as well as the most important digital asset in your life.
  • Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
    Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
    Soramitsu Co., Ltd. developed an open source distributed ledger platform "Iroha" and submitted it to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. "Iroha" was accepted into the incubation program and it is the third accepted distributed ledger project along with projects created by IBM and Intel. Soramitsu's main task is to utilize Iroha to produce a platform for managing digital identities.
  • Tokyo Hearth, Inc.
    Tokyo Hearth, Inc.
    Tokyo Hearth, Inc. operates "Live ‘n Tokyo", the first international housing platform in Japan, that enable internationals to find easily, decide online and live together. The majority of the owners who rejected foreigners before, trust our community management. We shape a platform where you can live the life you want to live, seeing the future with housing exchange system beyond the border.
  • Youmemiru Inc.
    Youmemiru Inc.
    Youmemiru Inc. has opened 75 robot programming schools in Japan to “raise kids that can compete on a worlwide scale”. Its original 5 years STEM curriculum teaches programming to from 6+ years old kids, from visual coding GUI to Python. Its cloud based application enable home-study, access to online quizzes and tests and provides worldwide service to any school.
  • Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.
    Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.
    Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc. produces high-quality strawberry MIGAKI-ICHIGO by IoT and IMP technology in Yamamoto, Miyagi. Besides, we are working on the export to Asia and the overseas production. Our vision is to create a strong industry in the provincial area and make “Made in Yamamoto” spread to the world.
  • Authlete, Inc.
    Authlete, Inc.
    Authlete provides OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect solutions which make it possible to build APIs and secure application services more easily and quickly. Since it'll be updated automatically even after the introduction, it's easy to use them, and by using our service, you can reduce the time required for the productization.
  • 日本環境設計株式会社
    JEPLAN, Inc. uses recycled material to manufacture new products and distribute them. Our business ranges from the collection of used products and recycling them into new products, all the way to branding, marketing and supply chain provision in co-operation with our partners.
  • LPixel Inc.
    LPixel Inc.
    LPixel Inc. is a start-up focusing on image analysis in life sciences such as medical, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. We are currently working together with National Cancer Center Japan and other medical institutions, to revolutionize research in life sciences and to develop technology for AI-based medical diagnosis software.
  • MICIN, Inc.
    MICIN, Inc.
    MICIN is a leading Medicine x AI startup, based in Japan and founded in November 2015. Our team is consisted of experts both at medicine and at technology. We possess competitive skills especially in time-series analysis leveraging machine learning and deep learning.
  • Rhelixa,Inc.
    Rhelixa,Inc. was founded by a researcher who led the large-scale analysis project of epigenomic information at a specialized research institute of the University of Tokyo. By using the original genome analysis and editing technology, we make it possible to connect genome and epigenome data, then integrate analysis and product development with metagenome data.
  • Techlico.Inc
    Techlico.Inc provide the revolutionary medical software with MR/VR devices, especially for rehabilitation. Based on the medical evidences, we develop the 3 dimension hi-tech care system. Besides, we contribute to the better managing environment of hospitals with operational efficiency system. Throughout the MR/VR medical contents, we assist the humankind's healthcare.
  • Triple W Japan KK
    Triple W Japan KK
    TripleW develops a wearable device that predicts when the user needs to go to the restroom. It analyzes the change of the bladder size by ultrasound sensors to predict the timing of urination. The prediction is based on the original algorithm. The caregivers will be able to know the most effective timing to change the diapers or to guide the users to the restrooms.