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2018 Participants

Silicon Valley
  • AISing Ltd.
    AISing Ltd.
    AISing is a company of professionals for AI and mechanical engineering. Twelve years have passed since we began to develop AI algorithms that are easy to apply to "manufacturing". And finally, we have created the AI algorithm "DBT (Deep Binary Tree)" and that can be used for edge devices and embedded systems. DBT has two features. First, it needs not to connect the internet because it can learn by limited resource like raspberry pie. Second, it always keeps learning new data additionally so it can correspond deterioration or changing the environment. We provide new solution for machine control which can solve problems that current one could not.
  • Cinnamon Inc.
    Cinnamon Inc.
    Cinnamon Inc. is a Japan-based Enterprise AI startup (HQ: Tokyo) which provides an AI document reader to automate the data extraction from unstructured documents to the financial industry. It raised $8M Series B funding in May 2018 and is expanding to the US market from summer in 2018.
    "In 2013 COGNITEE was founded, which is the AI software company focuses on context classification. The mission was stipulated ""unleash from cognitive biases"". At September 2018, COGNITEE received the Graylock award at TechCrunch Disrupt at San Francisco. UpSighter; the AI software service for sales training and HR interviews. A sales manager's concerns are a high training cost, and difficulties of standardize an evaluation criteria in too many different situation. Our software can compare with good and bad storyline by numerically, then reduces education costs by the auto assessing engine. Already it's introduced into 90+ companies in Japan of pharmaceutical, insurance and HR agencies."
  • Doreming Co., Ltd.
    Doreming Co., Ltd.
    Doreming enables workers to tap into their earned wages in real time ”Making Everyday Payday”. Helping smooth cash flows and personal finances for those who either live hand to mouth or might otherwise fall prey to loan sharks. Doreming's vision is to create a society where working people are happy and motivated by empowering them to gain an access to affordable financial services based on their hard-working history. Doreming was listed in the fintech 100 and selected as a member of Level 39, the world's leading fintech incubator based in London.
  • EAGLYS, Inc.
    EAGLYS, Inc.
    EAGLYS, having quantum-resident faster Secure Computing framework as core technology, develops and provides Secure Computing platform where we can securely store, integrate, and analyze/ machine-learning/ deep-learning over encrypted data. Enterprises can safely and securely utilize big-data among multi data bases, analyze in detail, and manage high accurate AI model, all with no caring on security. We also do R&D on conceptual combination of Secure Computing and AI called Secure AI ™️ and its acceleration.
  • 株式会社Eyes, JAPAN
    株式会社Eyes, JAPAN
    FUKUSHIMA Wheel, smart bike for hipsters featuring environmental sensors to measure live city data such as temperature, humidity, CO, NOX, radiation and so on. Gyrostabilized LEDs on the wheels display location/time-based advertisements all over the city and make this program profitable. Our App encourages sharing, dynamic pricing, navigation and shop coupons. Our mission reinvents the business model of share bike, last one mile mobility, way of sustainability, environmental sensing by citizen science, prevention from bike theft and vandalism.
  • FiNC Technologies Inc.
    FiNC Technologies Inc.
    FiNC Technologies Inc. (FiNC) is a healthtech venture that creates personalized health & wellness solutions, to help users form, maintain and enjoy healthy lifestyle habits. A personal AI trainer within the FiNC app provides recommendations, after analyzing each user’s lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, sleep and stress. This empowers users to understand and change how daily habits affect their health. FiNC also provides a rich user experience with social, competitive, online-to-offline experiences to drive user engagement.
  • Goiku Battery CO.,LTD.
    Goiku Battery CO.,LTD.
    This is a company revolutionizing the battery society. Traditionally, battery diagnosis is performed accurately only by charge / discharge method. Our company made it possible to diagnose several hours of diagnosis with only "1 second" by our own technology. The world's first technology, we provide safety for all devices using batteries and reuse, recycle and reduce batteries. We aim to become an energy management company that protects the global environment.
  • Holoash,Inc.
    We are creating a holographic virtual assistant for those with potentially ADHD. Being always online is exhausting. This recent trend is leading to a rise in depression and stress-related disorders called Digital Dementia which is similar to ADHD. The most common solutions sought are therapy and medicine, which are limited access and expensive. We want to provide cheap and fast access to 24/7 round the clock communication to a virtual friend that can assist in everything from personal scheduling and mental issue.
    We are JEPLAN, INC. and run the recycle project called “BRING” which has various participants like Patagonia, MUJI and so on. We mainly recycle clothing by using the chemical recycling technology, and manufacturing recycled polyester pellets out of the polyester fiber in used clothing collected from consumers. Our polyester pellets have the same purity is equal to the virgin PET pellet made from oil, and they are even permanently recyclable. We believe we could contribute the world by minimizing the clothing waste and reducing the use of oil, and that could even lead us to develop a real circular economy.
  • KOANDRO Inc.
    KOANDRO Inc.
    KOANDRO Inc. is a company who designs coffee products and services backed by the vision of “Good coffee to each one of us.” Our products deliver a cup of coffee to each drinkers not only with the good quality but also with differently personalized taste to the person’s preference.
  • MallService,Inc.
    Mallservice, Inc. is a software company. Current projects include an entry and seating reservation system, as well as digital ticket and cashless payment system, both using proprietary blockchain technology, which can be used in a self contained system without the internet, providing an unprecedented level of security for our users.
  • Medmain Inc.
    Medmain Inc.
    Medmain Inc. is a medtech startup, based in Fukuoka. We are developing the software for pathological image diagnosis using Deep Learning, named “PidPort”, by collaborating with some medical facilities from all over the world. Through this software, we will provide the accurate and quick pathological diagnosis to anyone who need it. Every day we strive for better quality of medical treatments to save patients from all unnecessary suffers.

  • mui Lab, Inc.
    mui Lab, Inc.
    mui Lab develops Material User Interface technology for IoT devices. Mui Lab is the company strives for innovative engineering solutions that foster harmony among technology, the humans who use it and the nature that surrounds them. CES2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.
  • PARONYM Inc.
    PARONYM Inc.
    People want to know a lot about what they watch in a video, for example about the person, place, clothing, and BGM. At PARONYM inc., we are developing video technology that allows people to obtain many types of information from video, just by touching/clicking the screen on your smartphone or PC. Through releasing people from the stress of “video to search” and the digital divide and overcoming language barriers, we aim to provide a next generation video culture that allows people to enjoy their next action. We are also expanding our development towards television, live streaming and signage systems.

    Sen corporation is a company that provides the photo service ""Hi cheese!"", which is the No. 1 children photo service in Japan. We send professional photographers to events at educational institutions, who then upload the images to our service. Parents and teachers can choose to buy the pictures from an internet connected device anytime, anywhere. We reduce the workload related to the processing, and distribution of images in the education industry, while adding extra value through the high-tech services that we provide.
  • sitateru Inc.
    sitateru Inc.
    sitateru is an online service for clothing production that can respond to requests from both professionals and amateurs. We help with all necessary processes involved in clothing production, such as searching for factories, selecting fabric and overall production management. We can manufacture a large variety of products at a high quality in any amount from 30 to 10,000 units. Our staff will provide support from initial consultation to delivery. Even first-time designers or companies can produce their designs without worry.
  • YUKAI Engineering Inc.
    YUKAI Engineering Inc.
    YUKAI Engineering is a robotics startup that develops and sells products befitting its slogan: “Make the world a fun place to live in with robotics technology.” YUKAI’s award-winning products include Necomimi, a headband with fake cat ears that move in sync with the user’s brain waves (selected for the Time magazine’s “The World’s 50 Best Innovations 2011” list), and BOCCO, a communication robot that keeps family members in touch with each other.
  • Caulis Inc.
    Caulis Inc.
    Caulis is a cybersecurity startup providing cloud-based fraud detection for enterprise companies. Our product, FraudAlert analyzes all the accesses coming to our clients’ web services. Whenever we find any unusual and malicious login activities from the end user, FraudAlert notifies our clients in real time through API. Other than ID and password, FraudAlert checks over 200 parameters to identify if each login is coming from the right person or wrong one.
  • FiNC Technologies Inc.
    FiNC Technologies Inc.
    FiNC Technologies Inc. (FiNC) is a healthtech venture that creates personalized health & wellness solutions, to help users form, maintain and enjoy healthy lifestyle habits. A personal AI trainer within the FiNC app provides recommendations, after analyzing each user’s lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, sleep and stress. This empowers users to understand and change how daily habits affect their health. FiNC also provides a rich user experience with social, competitive, online-to-offline experiences to drive user engagement.
  • Geniee, Inc.
    Geniee, Inc.
    Geniee, Inc. is a marketing technology company, with its mission " Use technology to create new value and work together with clients to build success," that develops and provides solutions for clients to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Grooves Inc.
    Grooves Inc.
    The Grooves team is committed to developing technology that works for humans, and not the other way around. We do this by adapting the changing business strategies of today's working world to create platforms that will add value to how our users work. One of our representative services is Forkwell. Forkwell is the online engineering skill database, with approximately 20,000 engineers on the site. The platform uses artificial intelligence to rate the skill level of each engineer's work based on their portfolio, like Ruby, JS and Python.
  • Lequio Power Technology Corp.
    Lequio Power Technology Corp.
    Generic Portable Ultrasound & Free Cloud Platform
    Ultrasound diagnosis and Medical Education/Learning

  • Quantum Biosystems Inc.
    Quantum Biosystems Inc.
    Quantum Biosystems is developing a novel, single molecule sequencing technology that will significantly reduce the cost of sequencing, while improving its accuracy. The company was founded in January 2013 as a spinout of Osaka University research that for the first time demonstrated the single molecule direct electrical sequencing of DNA/RNA with one base pair resolution. Quantum Biosystems’ ongoing research and development is applying this academic research by allowing massively-parallel nano-electrodes to detect current facilitated by electron tunneling and hopping. This sequencing will take place on a silicon device which will contain millions of electrodes and which will be manufactured using industrial semiconductor fabrication techniques.
  • Stroly Inc.
    Stroly Inc.
    Stroly is an open map platform. It is a location service that shows GPS positioning on any kind of map in any form.
    Stroly launched beta service in October 2017. Anyone can post a map freely and publish it in conjunction with GPS. You can obtain performance data for analyzing the posted map. We will enrich our growing demand for tourists and services for the corresponding areas.
  • SUSMED, Inc
    SUSMED, Inc
    Cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended as a first line treatment for insomnia. However, it has not been widespread due to the lack of manpower at medical sites and the overprescription of the sleeping pills is a problem. We have developed a mobile application which enables cognitive behavioral therapy and are promoting clinical trials. Furthermore, in order to lower the cost of the clinical development, we developed a clinical development system using blockchain technology. These products will contribute to the compatibility between innovation and sustainable medicine.
  • Techno-Labo Co., Ltd.
    Techno-Labo Co., Ltd.
    Techno-Labo Co., Ltd. is making the platform of low volume manufacturing for industrial designers. 3D-printers are useful for prototyping but not yet meet the quality of real usage of consumers. Based on unique technologies, such as the substitute molds, sharing injection molding machines, and original quality control standard, we made our production eco-system for low volume production as small units as 100 to 2,000. Created more than 100 products in Japan, we also have accumulated know-how and solutions for product developments. We transform developer’s passions into real shapes and deliver their device to end-users. Let us accelerate innovations with you.
  • Ubie, Inc.
    Ubie, Inc.
    Ubie is AI Health Tech startup which is based on disease prediction technology. Ubie is developing the AI chat-bot disease prediction service Dr.Ubie for individual users. They can get to know the predicted disease by answering the Dr.Ubie’s questions when a symptom occurs. Dr.Ubie also suggests which they should go to the hospital or not, which OTC-drugs to buy, and treatments.
    We are now expanding our business into India.